How do you stay heartful AND mindful in these chaotic times?

That’s what we explored this week’s in the “FLOW + Glow” series which could not have been more timely. (Especially for those of us in the United States as we go into the elections.)

This Facebook Live was about how to “Walk in the Present” vs. fearing the past will repeat or worrying about the future.

I guide you in connecting with a favorite tree and drawing deep roots grounded in your core essence, values, and Universal Truths. Being aware of your roots allows you to grow and lead your vision with clarity, authenticity, and impact.

As visionaries, we’re often find ourselves planning for the future or multitasking like crazy to get everything done. If you spend most of your time in these left brain activities, you can find it harder to tap into from your intuition, passion, and creativity.

Creating and acting with the full awareness of your mind, body, heart, and soul is powerful!

And it’s a highly efficient use of your inner and your outer resources. (I thought your left brain would like to know that truth. ; > )

Here’s how you can bring your full energy and presence to leading your vision and serving others with greater impact.

Thank you for those of you who joined me Live or on the replay for the “FLOW + Glow” series. I’ve really enjoyed our time together so I’m continuing in November on Mondays at noon PST.

Join me for the “GLOW” part of the series where I’ll interview women visionaries who are creating their visions from flow. You’ll receive tips, fresh perspectives, and inspiration that will impact your life.

On Nov. 2nd is “GLOW with Gratitude: Simple Practices for Cultivating a Great FULL life” with Sor’a Garrett, author of Simply Enough and Life Simplification Guide. We’ve known each other for over 19 years and I can’t wait to share her with you! Join us here.