“Courage and Commitment” is about how self-belief gives us the boldness to create something new. 

Have you ever been excited to create a vision for your personal or business life… only to lose steam after a few days or weeks?

Maybe you’ve thought that means that you’re lazy, undisciplined, or just need to get more organized. None of those are the reasons why.When your self-belief is strong, you can lean into it and tap into the courage to keep going.

Who you believe you are is key. When you strengthen your self-belief, you are naturally bold and committed. You have the courage to start something new AND the energy to build on what you started.

And that’s when you also move into flow and ease!

What does having self-belief feel like for you? Expand that energy in your body… breathe IN even more self-belief.

What would you start or create if you knew you’d successfully rise to the challenge?

p.s. This is Day 93 of my 100 day project of intuitive paintings. To check out more, visit my FB business page here.