Savoring Slowness is an invitation to enjoy the pleasure in the present.

It’s about doing one thing at a time… even though you may be feeling pressure to get a lot done fast.

Is fast better? Not when you miss out on the magic in the present.

Plus it’s been proven that we’re actually less productive when we multitask. And doing more than one thing at a time stresses our bodies and minds.

Slowing down allows us to make the most of each moment simply by being IN the moment. It’s about bringing your full energy into the present, without being pulled into the past or worrying about the future.

What one task can you bring your full attention to doing today?

Then once you’ve finished… notice how you feel and celebrate what you’ve accomplished!

p.s. This is Day 86 of my 100 day project of intuitive paintings. To check out more, visit my FB business page here.