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From Force to Flow
May 19th, Escondido, CA


Are you feeling called to discover your purpose and get clarity on a fresh direction?  

Or do you find yourself burnt out or unmotivated from growing your business?

Your purpose and passion is your fuel. Without inspiration and motivation, you risk burnout and limit the impact you can make in your life and at work. And the world misses out on your unique gifts and contribution.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners, purpose-driven individuals, and visionaries in transition to reclaim their energy and move forward with clarity. And I can help you to:

  • Ignite your passion and purpose
  • Create clarity on a bigger vision for yourself
  • Tap into your most creative and innovative self
  • Build a culture where your team thrives too

Now is the time to ignite your soul! Let’s discover YOUR vibrant vision.

Contact me vasi@igniteyoursol.com today for a free 30 minute consult.

Vasi Huntalas, Founder of Ignite Your Sol