When I intuitively felt into the energy for this year, here’s what came through…

2024 is a time to experience….

Great imaginings come true as we expand into the wholeness of our original designs.

Reflection before action.

Creation from the inside out.

2024 is a time to allow…

All that has been received to be woven together in soulful symmetry and balance,

In ways that delight and surprise you,

In ways that deeply impact those you serve and

In ways that strengthen our collective.

2024 is a time to be…

Free of that which has stopped you in the past,

And to embrace what is already here that is waiting for you to bring into reality, into fullness, into a beautiful blossoming.

This is a year to go full out and also (at times) to be in the stillness to gather yourself in….

And to pause and be grateful for the ground you stand on.

For this is where you’ve chosen to plant yourself and where you’re choosing to expand from next.

2024 is a year of BOLD EXPANSION activated by your purpose, your love and your light!