What are the three promises to oneself that are key to success? And which one is the hardest for women to keep?

Blending her grandmother’s wisdom with 30 years of business experience, Sherre’ DeMao, CEO and BizGrowth Maestro of BizGrowth Inc. inspires us to shift from daydreaming to dream doing!

I especially resonated with Sherré’s passion for leveraging one’s You-niqueness (love how she spelled that for us!). As you listen, I invite you to reflect on:

  • What values do you notice have been woven through your life?
  • Which of the three promises stood out for you… and how might you use one to enrich your life and leadership?
  • What tip or insight inspires you to try something new to propel your success?

Thank you Sherré for sharing your tips, promises and You-niqueness with us!

To learn more about Sherré De Mao, visit www.bizgrowthinc.com.

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