“It’s time. And I am ready.”

Those are the words I’ve been hearing from my inner guidance, from clients and from friends. Are you also found feeling that sense of urgency?

I find it can be frustrating hearing that message. Because my logical, practical mind will impatiently ask, “Ready for what exactly? And now what do I DO?”

After all, our world is changing every day. Collectively and individually, we face challenges that have no easy answers. And it can often be heartbreaking. Yet what we do have is something very important and needed.

We have hearts that want to serve.

Do you dream of contributing something to create a better world? You may feel a sense that enough is enough and you’re called to take your leadership (or your business) to another level of impact. Or you may simply know that there’s something more for you to BE.

I believe that your dream (of doing or being or both) is exactly what is needed now. And I want to reassure you that you aren’t alone. Many of us are feeling a bigger sense of purpose and an expansive energy that keeps building.

So where do we go from here? Here’s an answer that might surprise you.

I’ve found that it’s less about “where” and more about “who”. These are questions that have helped me and my clients this past year to find clarity and inspiration for the road ahead.

Who (or what) am I committed to serving?

What is my intuition telling me is my next step?

Who do I need to be to take that step… and what do I need give myself permission to let go of?

How do I prioritize my time and energy to move forward?

I invite you to take a moment now to answer those questions for yourself or make time later today when you have 5-10 minutes. Don’t overthink. Simply listen to your heart.

When you answer those questions from your inner wisdom, the answers that have been there all along are revealed.

This IS the time. What are YOU ready to be or to do?