What makes a week magical?

You do. Because there’s magic inside YOU.

Last Monday I got a smog check that set the tone for my entire week. (Who would have thought a smog check could turn out to be magical?!)

The owner of the auto repair shop has a unique sense of humor and decided to play a practical joke on his friend/customer. While my car was hooked up to the smog machine, he asked me to play along. What fun we had pranking his friend and soon all three of us couldn’t stop laughing! Another customer walked up and then there were four of us laughing. The owner’s energy was contagious and I left bringing that playful energy with me.

Each of us has a unique energy that can spark magic. When you express that energy, you feel a greater sense of aliveness AND you also inspire others.

Your magic is sparkly bright and powerful. It’s the light inside you that never goes out. Even when times are tough and you feel dragged down by the mundane, that light is still within you.

How can you tap into YOUR light to make your week (and others too) magical?

  • Take baby steps. Let your magic out in small ways with people you know. Share your sense of humor, ability to inspire action in others, your connection with nature, or some other unique gift.
  • Ask “what’s the next bold step I will take?”, if you’re already sharing your uniqueness. Get support from a friend or mentor if you feel stuck by a limiting belief or have been procrastinating from taking that step. (It sounds like this: “I’m not ready.”, “I’m not good enough.” or “It’s not going to work out so it’s not worth trying.”)
  • Let go of any outcome of what you hope for (or fear) might happen. Allow it to be easy and don’t overthink it. Find joy in expressing what is natural for you.

When we recognize and express an aspect of our authentic self, we create powerful energy that flows through our body like blood flows through our veins.

Open to your magic and you’ll create a ripple effect that energizes others. What might be possible then for your friends, families, clients, and communities?

I invite you now to take a breath, connecting even deeper to the MAGIC of who you are… and breath out anything in the way of sharing your uniqueness.

This is what you came here to be. And this is who you truly are.

May you be inspired to share more of your magic this week!