Have you listened to your intuition lately?

In the past, my inner critic talked me out of my intuition so many times. “You’re not ready… you’re not good enough… that’s not going to work.”

But I won’t allow my inner critic to lead my vision any longer. And neither should you. Here’s why.

Your intuition is the voice of your soul. And your inner critic is the voice of your small self, your ego.

Which voice will help you most in navigating these changing, often chaotic times?

In this week’s free “FLOW + Glow” series, I shared Key #2, “Letting Go of Self-Criticism” to liberate your self-critic and inspire your PERFECT self to shine even brighter.

In this show, I guide you in a creativity activity and a tool to:

  • Shift your inner critic with curiosity and intuition
  • Receive and draw your personalized symbol for flow
  • Create weekly permission slips to fulfill your goals with greater clarity, ease, and balance


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