What does it mean to live and lead authentically?

That’s what Jean Marie DiGiovanna and I explored in this conversation about how to bring more of who you are to what you do.

I was inspired by her powerful questions to help uncover our uniqueness. She gave simple, everyday ways to tap into that stream of gold that runs within each of us.

What deeply resonated for me is when she said “You aren’t meant to fit in”. When we give ourselves permission to be ourselves, magic happens in our lives and our businesses!

Jean Marie’s journey is a great example. Freeing her creative side and becoming a digital nomad are just two of the unique expressions of her Renaissance leadership.

As you listen to the conversation, I encourage you to ask:

  • ¬†What ideas and/or questions inspire me?
  • How will I take what I learned to lead from my uniqueness?

Thank you to Jean Marie DiGiovanna for her insights, practical tips, and authenticity!

To learn more about Jean Marie or her best-selling book “Stop Talking, Start Listening: 27 Questions to Shift the Culture of Your Organization”, visit https://jeanmariespeaks.com/.

Now it’s your turn! Share YOUR reflections and insights in the comments below.