Beyond Limits is what happens when we move outside our comfort zone into a fresh, new space.

I call that place your Creativity Zone. It’s incredibly freeing AND can bring up other feelings as well. Uncertainty, self-doubt, and for most of us, fearing being out of control or failing.

But all those fall away when you break free of a self-imposed or societal belief. That’s because those beliefs aren’t real.

The truth is that you’ll never know what’s beyond those beliefs unless you defy them.

That’s what I did as I challenged myself to use colors and shapes that I don’t typically use. Definitely frustrating and uncomfortable at first.

Then, a funny thing happened. I moved beyond the discomfort into feeling wide open and curious. It just got better from there! It’s amazing how the impossible can turn into limitless possibilities.

What belief might you defy today… and how will you explore what’s beyond its limits?

p.s. This is Day 46 of my 100 day project creating intuitive paintings. To check out more, visit my FB business page here.