You hold a beautiful presence that can draw people in with ease. Yet, many of us think we have to say the right words or follow the right process when we give a talk. As Pamela Jay says, “Magnetic presence is a pull not a push”.

In this conversation, Pamela and I explore why developing a Magnetic Presence is key to showing up as unshakably confident and at-ease as we deliver our messages to the world.

As you listen to this conversation, I invite you to ask:

  • When do I experience speaking from my magnetic presence… and what makes that possible?
  • What does “trying” look like for me when I’m speaking or connecting with others in relationships?
  • What insight or tip will help me to tap into my magnetic presence even more in my business and my life?

Thanks to Pamela Jay of Pamela Jay Productions, a Feminine Leadership Mentor and Voice Confidence Coach for her inspiring insights and powerful tips.

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