Culture Consulting for Visionary Leaders

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Culture Consulting for Visionary Leaders

Do you wish that your employees were more motivated and would connect to the vision you hold for your business?

And how would your company be different if your employees were as engaged and loyal as you are, on a daily basis?

The key to these questions is the culture of your company.

Culture is more than giving a new employee a company handbook or celebrating employees’ birthdays. At its finest, culture is a vehicle where everyone profits- including you, your employees, and your customers. It creates an energizing atmosphere and healthy revenues.

I assist visionary leaders within growing companies and business owners to create and sustain cultures that inspire employee loyalty and customer satisfaction. The benefits are reduced employee turnover and lower training costs while creating a space where professional growth is assured and financial viability supported.

A visionary entrepreneur myself, with over 20 years experience working within companies  and with clients in leadership roles, I provide mentoring, training, and consultation on building a culture to advance your overall business mission and goals.

Through Culture Consulting, I partner with you to:

  • Build a solid foundation for your culture by expanding the business vision and clarifying values
  • Identify the mindsets and behaviors that best embody your company’s culture
  • Increase employees’ capacity to work from their strengths as individual contributors and within teams
  • Activate greater levels of employee engagement, team productivity, and more effective communication
  • Implement practical strategies and powerful tools to build employee and customer loyalty
  • Reconnect you with the soul of your business to access deeper levels of creativity and business innovation

Culture Consultations are bi-weekly via video conferencing (or in person if in San Diego) for 3-6 months, depending on your needs and goals.

To explore how Culture Consultating can support you, schedule a complimentary Consultation with Vasi at