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Ignite Your Vision - Intuitive Session

What if you could have clarity and focus on your purpose and your business path? 

In your “Ignite Your Vision” session, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your purpose and a fresh perspective on your leadership and business path.

You’ll receive insights about  your unique path based on intuitive information that Vasi shares with you and explore together your next steps. You’ll also learn about your life path and your current reinvention cycle from a numerological perspective.  Past clients have experienced their sessions as “eye-opening, empowering, liberating, practical, mind-expanding, and life-changing.”

In this 90-minute phone session, you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose to channel more fulfillment and impact as a leader
  • Understand and align with your strengths to create more ease, joy, and service in your business and life
  • Leverage the qualities, skills, and lessons gained from your key 9 year personal reinvention cycles
  • Learn how to use the energy of this current year to your advantage
  • Identify limiting beliefs and energy blocks to embracing your Soul’s plan
  • Celebrate your journey and create a list of the next steps to take on your path

Sessions are $175. They are recorded so you can be fully present for the session and listen later if you’d like to reconnect with the energy and information in your session.

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Listening to what Vasi had meditated about and how she put my personal soul mission into words was simply amazing. I will carry my soul mission in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. If I was to walk away with just this one piece, it would be completely worth it, (but that isn’t the case.) I’m now empowered to live from my authentic self in all areas of my life, professional, personal, family, and spiritual. The sessions with Vasi have inspired me to use my talents in ways that are more fulfilling and intentional… and I’m now taking steps on the path that was always in front of me.

Grant Lupo

Executive Recruiter

I found my session to be a powerful and positive experience. Though I came to the session confused and somewhat discouraged, I left feeling inspired to move forward. I had been in a stage of not knowing what was to be my “next chapter” for my life and career, and other efforts hadn’t helped me in gaining the needed clarity and motivation.

Being able to have the added input from the numerological perspective added a great deal of value… but what I found most valuable, was when that perspective was combined with Vasi’s intuitive guidance. Her attentiveness and insightfulness guided me to contemplation where I discovered my answers and left the session with clarity and fresh energy to take steps forward. I’ve found Vasi to be an incredibly talented intuitive who is able to hear you at all levels. And because she is able to do that, she creates a space for you to dig deep and ask the deeper questions of yourself that inspire you to move forward.

Nancy Helgeson

Executive Coach, Therapist, and SoulCollage® Facilitator

Working with Vasi has helped me to cultivate congruence within myself. These sessions are one of many steps I’ve taken along a long journey of freeing myself from fear and living instead from an integrated, whole me. I have made some decisions because of all of Vasi’s work with me and my own hard work that appears brave and yet, these decisions were easy once I made them from this integrated space.

Vasi is one of the most congruent people I know. She lives from a place of spiritual guidance… she is well-equipped to do this work with insight, wisdom, and clarity all of which makes her intuitive support so incredibly rich and life-giving for the recipient.

Melissa Burt-Gracik

CEO and Founder, Flourish,